Remembering Jack Lord

We Celebrated Jack's Birthday!

Jack's 96th Birthday

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Jack's 95th Birthday

Answers to Party Game Questions

Part 1. Multiple Choice

(a)  c - Merchant Marines

(b)  b - Fine Arts

(c)  d - Kitty Boy

(d)  a - Kahala

(e)  d - 8

(f)  d - 4 - Bill, Jr.; Josephine; Thomas; and Robert

(g)  d - St. Benedict Joseph Labre Catholic School

(h)  b - 14

(i)  b - Ensign

(j)  c - Shipping executive


Part 2 - True/False

(a)  True

(b)  False. Paul Burke

(c)  False. Counterfeit Killer a/k/a  Crackshot

(d)  True

(e)  False. CIA operative

(f)  True

(g)  True

(h)  False. Jack appeared in two movies with Gary Cooper. He did appear with Lee J. Cobb in Man of the West.

(i)  True

(j)  False. M Station: Hawaii


Jack's 94th Birthday

Jack's 93rd Birthday

Jack's 92nd Birthday

Jack's 91st Birthday

Jack's 90th Birthday