Remembering Jack Lord


I think, when Jack passed, everyone said the same thing, that he made us better

as actors and as people, because he taught us that this is a profession, you have

to take it seriously, and it's a lot of hard work.

(Comment by Dennis Chun on Emme's Island Moments: Hawaii Five-0 Revisited, KGMB-TV,  2012)

English-to-German Translations

Steve's Girl was good enough to prepare the following two tables showing English and German titles for films and television programs in which Jack appeared. She wrote, "There was a problem with the TV shows: for quite a lot there was no information whether they were shown in Germany or not. I included 'Laredo' and 'Checkmate,' because I know they were shown, but I don't know anything about the episodes with Jack." Mahalo nui loa, SG.