Remembering Jack Lord

Coincidence or Not?

Is the Ala Moana Shopping Center paying homage to McGarrett's Park Lane?

New condos are being constructed atop the elevated parking lot at the Ala Moana Shopping Center. Their name: Park Lane. With prices ranging from $1 million to $20 million (average $4 million to $6 million), these ocean views are not for the faint of pocketbook.

McGarrett's Park Lane appeared on the elevated parking lot at the Ala Moana Shopping Center in "The Diamond that Nobody Stole" (Season 5). As he tails Djebara (Eric Braeden), we get a good view of what the shopping center looked like until quite recently.

Now, however, the shopping center's mid-century modern facade has been replaced with the neo-classical style that is popular today. Yet, oddly, the new condos that are being built atop it are quite mid-century modern in appearance (think Kahala Beach Apartments). Their name, Park Lane, is also distinctly mid-century modern.

Read more about it and see photographs:

Jack Lord, Gumshoe

Author Bo Widerberg (not to be mistaken for the filmmaker of the same name) writes a series of detective short stories that feature a gumshoe named Jack Lord. The stories are available as e-books on Amazon Kindle. They are . . . 


1. Halloween Murder

2. Serial Killer

3. The Diamond Caper

4. The Rose Gang

5. The Kidnapping

6. Jack Lord Collection

Inspired by Our Jack???

An Australian television series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, is based on a series of books by Kerry Greenwood. The series premiered in February 2012 on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation television network and is still in production.

The first episode of the series, “Cocaine Blues,” is set in the 1920s, in Melbourne, Australia. Its worldly heroine is private detective Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis). The police Detective Inspector is Jack Robinson (Nathan Page), who looks for all the world like a young Jack Lord. He sounds and acts Australian, however, and not at all American – or even Irish! Take a look and see what you think: Here's another picture.

Nor is that the only “coincidence.” A prisoner interviewed by Miss Fisher is known as Mr. Foyle, no doubt a toast to ITV’s Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) in Foyle’s War.

And another coincidence: Essie Davis appeared in the Melbourne Theatre Company's 2008 production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She played the role of Maggie the Cat, the role portrayed by Barbara Bel Geddes in 1955, when Jack appeared as Brick Pollitt. As if that isn't enough, Miss Davis' father, George Davis, is a celebrated artist and art teacher in Tasmania, Australia. Another character name in the series also has a familiar ring: Ryan.

This might be why some people don't believe in coincidences.

Another  Jack Lord Look-Alike

This time, it's Brian R. Norris, who appeared as Samuel Clausen in an episode of Longmire entitled "The Dark Road" (Season 1). Take a look at this picture. The resemblance isn't quite as strong as between Jack and Nathan Page, but it's still there. Very interesting.

Other Jack Lords

There was a Jack Lord, who worked in comedy in the early 20th century. A blurb in the New York Clipper (October 18, 1916, p. 16) tells of him appearing in a comedy sketch in Atlanta Georgia. Another blurb in the New York Clipper (November 22, 1916, p. 23) tells of him signing a new act to his program: Judging by the dates on the many articles about this Jack Lord, he was active at least between 1914 and 1941. The New York Clipper was established in 1853 as one of the first theatrical trade newspapers in the United States. In 1923, it was bought out by Variety, which, of course, exists to this day.

Another Jack Lord worked as an ABC-TV newsman in the mid-20th century. A paragraph in an article, "Oswald Shooting a First in Television History," in Broadcasting-Telecasting magazine (December 2, 1963, page 46) talks about his participation in the news coverage of the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Other Stoney Burkes

Stoney Burke is a California street performer and actor, who admits that he took the name "Stoney" from Jack’s TV character. He performs political comedy on college campuses, where he satirizes conservative perspectives. In addition, he hosts a TV show called "Stoney Speaks." Known as a rabble rouser, he has been honored for daring to stand up for what he believes, even though many people disagree with him. The University of California at Berkeley hosts an annual sailing regatta named for this Stoney Burke.

David “Stoney” Burke is an Irish sportsman, who won numerous hurling competitions for his home county of Kilkinney.

David “Stoney” Burke was a career Air Force officer, who served two tours of duty in Vietnam. After retiring from the Air Force and working another ten years in a second career, he and his wife moved to Globe, Arizona, and opened an antique shop. They also published the Copper County News for seven years.

Joe D. “Stoney” Burke founded the executive search and management consulting company, J. Burke & Associates, Inc. in Arlington, Texas.

Stoney Burke is the general manager of the Santa Fe Mazda-Volvo automotive dealership in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Stoney Burke is a development contracts compliance coordinator in San Antonio, Texas.

In all, LinkedIn lists 20 Stoney Burkes. How many can you find?

Barbara Horgan

I was looking on Netflix for something to watch when I was attracted to a documentary called Afternoon of a Faun about the life of Tanaquil Le Clercq. Known as Tanny by her friends, Miss Le Clercq was a tall and graceful ballerina in the style of modern ballerinas, at least since the days of Gelsey Kirkland. She was married to George Balanchine, artistic director of the New York City Ballet, and was a close friend of and inspiration for dancer and choreographer Jerome Robbins.

One of the principal speakers in the documentary was Barbara Horgan, managing trustee of The George Balanchine Trust. Miss Horgan began her career as an aspiring actress and had appeared in a few minor roles when she became a secretary for the New York City Ballet in the early 1950s. In 1963, she became personal assistant to George Balanchine, a position she held for twenty years, until his death in 1983. Since 1986, she has managed his Trust.

Does her name sound familiar? Her surname -- Horgan -- should. Miss Horgan is the daughter of Ralph Thomas Horgan, who owned Horgan Ford. Jack sold for Horgan Ford for a little more than a year while he studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse and the Actor's Studio.

'Tis a small, small world in which we live.

Curious Coincidence

This is not strictly relevant, but it is special for me, since I did as much research on the C-141 StarLifter for a novel I wrote (1987-1994) as I've done for my websites on Jack Lord and Hawaii Five-0. Just as Leonard Freeman Productions made 284 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 for CBS, Lockheed-Georgia Corporation built 284 C-141s for USAF. Lockheed also built a C-141 for NASA and one for a privately owned air freight company. 

The C-141 StarLifter made several appearances on Hawaii Five-0, starting with "Cocoon" (Pilot). Whenever Jonathan Kaye flew out to the Islands, he arrived aboard a StarLifter.