Remembering Jack Lord


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Reply Kanela
7:07 PM on September 20, 2017 

Thanks H5O for the nice banners. Can't believe it has been 49 years!

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
1:04 PM on September 20, 2017 
Many thanks to Honu. What would we do without you?

Reply Steve's Girl
12:03 PM on September 20, 2017 

Thank you, Vegas Pat.

Thank you for reminding us, Honu. Now I know what I'm going to watch tonight.

Reply Honu59
9:33 AM on September 20, 2017 

Happy Anniversary!  The Hawaii Five-O premiere movie "Cocoon" aired on this day in 1968.

Reply Vegas Pat
6:21 AM on September 20, 2017 

The Untouchables episode is Death for Sale in season 2.  MacArthur's character, Johnny Lubin, is heavily involved in drugs. 

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
5:12 PM on September 19, 2017 

Do you think Jack knew Zeus and Apollo would be the next residents of

Wo Fat's island research laboratory for abducted scientists?

Reply Steve's Girl
12:27 PM on September 19, 2017 

"The Jake Lingle Killing" is one of my favorite non-McGarrett episodes.

And there is a good non-Williams episode starring James McArthur as well ,but I can't find the episode's title.

Reply Honu59
8:08 PM on September 18, 2017 

From Me-TV:

The Untouchables "The Jake Lingle Killing"

Sunday 24 at 3AM | 2C

Jack Lord, the handsome star of Hawaii Five-O, guest stars in this earlier role. He plays a sort of bounty hunter who teams with Ness to hunt down the killer of a journalist caught up in a Chicago gang war. This third episode is a great jumping-on point for those who have not seen this wonderful series.

Reply jean
4:32 PM on September 18, 2017 
We did have a member on here some time ago, who said he became a policeman and tried to follow in the standards and values of Steve McGarrett.
Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
12:32 PM on September 18, 2017 

Well, of course! "Let's go, Danno!"  I've wondered how many of today's super-sharp detectives were inspired to enter the field by our Fab Four.

Reply Honu59
10:53 AM on September 18, 2017 

Need a smile?

Our church choir director's oldest son is Daniel.  He's about 8 or 9 years old, I believe, and a cute little boy.  Yesterday after the the service, they were packing up to leave and I clearly heard the choir director say to his son, "Let's go, Danno!"  It put a smile on my face.

Reply Steve's Girl
9:21 AM on September 16, 2017 

I only detected "Where Have the Great Men Gone?" today. Sorry about that.

Reply jean
7:02 PM on September 15, 2017 
great pictures H50. love seeing him in uniform. It suited him so well.
Reply Kanela
6:28 PM on September 15, 2017 

Nice pictures of Jack H5O.

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
5:28 PM on September 15, 2017 

In Jack's Blog

Five-0 Veteran Mildred Natwick

Reply Steve's Girl
8:20 AM on September 14, 2017 

What a lovely screen shot, H50! Thank you for sharing it.

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
3:07 PM on September 13, 2017 

The American Merchant Marine Veterans of World War II posted a link to RJL on Tweeter. Sheila Sova, who is very active with the AMMVWWII, sent a screen shot for our enjoyment.

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
1:58 PM on September 13, 2017 

Thank you for sharing this, Steve's Girl. I like Miss Norma and her bucket list. She must have had some bad days along the way, but she kept moving forward and fulfilling what surely were lifelong dreams with some unexpected pleasures thrown in along the way. What a lovely way to go! 

Reply Steve's Girl
12:15 PM on September 13, 2017 

I don't know if you were bringing it to our attention in Jack's Blog, H50, the information about the 90 year old lady who was diagnosed with cancer but instead of suffering through surgery and chemo therapy decided to take a trip with her son and daughter-in-law crossing the USA in a motor home.

Her son and daughter-in-law have written a book about that trip, Driving Miss Norma, very bittersweet. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. Chapeau to Miss Norma whose doctor was quoted as saying if he had received this diagnosis, he would have done something like that himself.

Reply Steve's Girl
11:54 AM on September 11, 2017 

Thank you for that link about Jack, Honu. Nice to read though it doesn't contain any surprises.

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
4:14 PM on September 10, 2017 

Thank you for the link, Honu. Nicely written article!

Indeed, Jack was the most interesting man on television -- and beyond. He got into life, and he lived it!

Reply Honu59
3:04 PM on September 10, 2017 

From Me-TV:

Ten reasons why Jack Lord was truly the most interesting man on television!!

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
5:50 AM on September 8, 2017 

The spammers have returned. As such, I have changed the settings to where only members can post to the guestbook. Sorry!

Reply H50 1.0 FOREVER
11:27 AM on August 30, 2017 

Thank you, Steve's Girl. Keeping the faith! Praying for those who have been hurt by the storm. Praying that the storm soon moves away from the Gulf and dissipates.

Reply Steve's Girl
10:20 AM on August 30, 2017 

Since Harvey seems to turn on Louisiana and maybe  Memphis later I hope nothing bad will happen to you and you family, H50.

Keeping the faith seems to be the only thing one can do.