Remembering Jack Lord


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Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
2:32 PM on November 23, 2017 

Happy Thanksgiving, Pat!

Reply Vegas Pat
6:08 AM on November 23, 2017 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  

Reply Steve's Girl
1:41 AM on November 23, 2017 

What a lovely vintage card ! Thank you for sharing it, H50.

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
8:10 PM on November 22, 2017 

Happy Thanksgiving, Kanela!

Reply Kanela
6:46 PM on November 22, 2017 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
6:35 PM on November 22, 2017 

Thank you, Steve's Girl. I'm glad you like it.  Why not go over to Jack's Blog to see the vintage Thanksgiving card that the Richmond Hill Historical Society sent.

Reply Steve's Girl
12:29 PM on November 22, 2017 

You're welcome, H50. What a wonderful Thankksgiving banner yu have chosen!

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
5:32 AM on November 22, 2017 

Thank you, Steve's Girl.

Reply Steve's Girl
3:44 AM on November 22, 2017 

I wish  to all US members of RJL that they might have a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
9:23 PM on November 21, 2017 

Thank you, Kanela. It just popped into my mind.

Thank you, Honu, for reminding us of Glenn Cannon's birthday.

Reply Kanela
6:46 PM on November 21, 2017 

I like that title H50. Very fitting !

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
2:15 PM on November 21, 2017 

So, an artist friend on Facebook posted a painting of a cat reclining above a shack with what might be a metal roof. He said the picture needs a title. I was inspired to suggest "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof."  Thanks, Jack!

Reply Honu59
1:12 PM on November 21, 2017 

You're welcome, Steve's Girl! 

Reply Steve's Girl
12:13 PM on November 21, 2017 

Thank you for reminding us, Honu.

Reply Honu59
8:41 AM on November 21, 2017 

Happy Birthday to Glenn Cannon who was born on this day in 1932. 

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
7:26 AM on November 16, 2017 

Listen to Mr. Dave Yoho's Memorial Day (2017) address in honor of America's veterans.

Yes! He includes the Merchant Marine in which he served during World War II.




Reply Honu59
6:41 AM on November 16, 2017 

That is such a eerie image!  I remember reading about sensory deprivation devices in psychology class.  But then when I actually saw the cocoon on Hawaii Five-O, it made the theoretical concept real to me and really creeped me out.  It was a spectacular way to introduce the character of Wo Fat!

Reply Steve's Girl
4:56 AM on November 16, 2017 

It's amazing what you dig up, H50! Thank you for sharing this.

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
8:58 PM on November 15, 2017 

In Jack's Blog

Look What Made the ME-TV Screen Capture Quiz

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
5:23 AM on November 14, 2017 

Mrs. Henderson lived in a different house. I don't know where it is located. We saw that house again in "When Does a War End?" (Season 10). It is where Yuhio Muromoto lived. McGarrett and the news reporter Joe Boyd stood in the driveway and talked.

Honore Vashon lived in one of the mid-century homes on Kahala Avenue. It is gone, now, as are most of those lovely homes. In their places are McMansions* and vacant lots soon to hold McMansions.

* "McMansion" is a term used to describe a pretentious house that the owners imagine to be a glorious mansion. One has to wonder who maintains the many square feet, since no one wants to do domestic work, anymore. The houses that the McMansions replaced rarely exceeded 4000 square feet and appeared far less ostentatious from the street. They showed their splendor inside with such features as marble floors, built-in cabinets and bookshelves, gourmet kitchens, butler's pantries, formal and informal living and dining areas, and dressing rooms with an abundance of closets. Some featured atriums with swimming pools and lavish gardens. Still, from the street, they looked quite sedate. Google "Kahala Avenue houses" to see what I mean.

Reply Steve's Girl
1:44 AM on November 14, 2017 

Didn't Mrs. Henderson from "Honor is an Unmarked Grave" ( Season 9 ) lived in the Anderson Estate? And Honore Vashon in "V" for Vashon: The Father" (Season 5)?

And if not, do you know where they lived, H50? Those estates are very beutiful too.

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
9:23 PM on November 13, 2017 

The Anderson Estate was featured on the following 12 episodes of Hawaii Five-0:

"Forty Feet High and It Kills" -- where the professors met before the tsunami warning was sounded

"Sweet Terror" -- where Erich Stoss stayed while perpetrating his crime

"The Second Shot" -- where Dr. Lemura lived

"The Gunrunner" -- where the gunrunner lived

"While You're at It, Bring in the Moon" -- where the murderer, Byers, lived

"Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise" -- stock footage of McGarrett driving down the driveway to the house from "Sweet Terror"

"Cloth of Gold" -- where it all took place

"You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich, But It Helps" -- where Mr. Speer lived

"A Stranger in His Grave" -- where Katie Kealoha lived (exterior shots, only). John Hillerman had a scene on the beach side of the house, although he was not shown in or near the house

"Death's Name Is Sam" -- where the Camponesian Liberation Front met

"The Case Against Philip Christie" -- where the Van Dorns lived

"Woe to Wo Fat" -- where Wo Fat lived on the deserted island

The house is now owned by a former campaign organizer for Barak Obama. He purchased it for $9 million several years ago.

Reply jean
8:50 PM on November 13, 2017 

I'm sorry I missed the challenge too, but had a lot to deal with on my return from Singapore and having a problem with my arm, but I also liked the one in man in a steel frame as green is my favourite colour. Strangely a friend of mine dreamed about the  house in magnum which I believed was featured in some five o episodes I'm sure you know H50  which ones, and I would be interested to know which, is it on here somewhere.  she mentioned it the next morning and then saw the news that 'Higgins' had passed on, and like Steve's girl says we still think they are all as they were in the shows. In my book Jack will always be 48.

Reply H5O 1.0 FOREVER
5:37 PM on November 12, 2017 

Yes! Wasn't it! Thank you for stopping by, Kanela.

Reply Kanela
1:46 PM on November 12, 2017 

Sorry I misse the challenge ,although I do like the shirt McGarrett wore in Full Fathom Five . It was very colorful.