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Promoted from CPO to ADM

Posted by H5O 1.0 FOREVER on April 6, 2017 at 3:05 PM

While watching an episode of JAG (NBC/CBS, 1995-2005) entitled "Overdue and Presumed Lost" (Season 5), I saw a familiar face. A bit older, yet strangely not as argumentative as he was in "Murder - Eyes Only" and "See How She Runs," both in Season 8 of Hawaii Five-0.

Can you guess who he was?

Answer: He was Biff McGuire, who portrayed ex-CPO Sam Bissell, argumentative father of the arrogant Lt Marcia Bissell, in "Murder - Eyes Only" and Babe Mandell, the distant father of the missing Sunny Mandell, in "See How She Runs."

In JAG, Biff McGuire portrayed retired Admiral Caleb "Matt" Stanton in a fictitious story about the Japanese sinking of a US submarine some 750 miles northwest of Hawai'i on December 5, 1941. It seems the retired admiral knew of the submariners' message that they had come upon the Japanese fleet en route to the Islands and provided information that allowed Judge Advocate General A. J. Chegwidden to locate the copy of the message that reached Washington but was not forward on to Pearl Harbor. It's just off-beat enough to make us wonder if something like that didn't actually happen.

In reality, the message that did not reach Pearl was sent via Western Union when atmospheric conditions precluded the government from sending and receiving its own messages and was laid aside in naval communications at Pearl when it wasn't marked Urgent. Had it been received by top brass when it first arrived, the outcome of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor might have been quite different. The real event is covered in several World War II movies, including Tora Tora Tora.

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