Remembering Jack Lord

Benefitting Others

Jack and Marie were most benevolent.  And, so I think it is only appropriate if we have a page on which to throw our support to organizations seeking to do good for other people and good causes.

Hokulea and Malama Honua

Support the Polynesian Voyaging Society in its ongoing around-the-world tour to promote malama honua (to care for and live in harmony with the earth). The wa'a (canoe) has sailed down the Pacific to New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, and now is making its way across the Atlantic Ocean, en route to Brazil. Read more about this 47,000-mile challenge in Aloha Hawai'i / Malama Honua.

Save the Falls of Clyde

The Falls of Clyde needs our help. The 19th century tall ship served with Matson lines for many years. In 2008, the Friends of the Falls of Clyde purchased the ship from the Bishop Museum in an effort to prevent the museum from scuttling her at sea. Now, the ship is again under threat of being scuttled by powers that want her removed from Honolulu Harbor. 

The Falls of Clyde appeared in several episodes of Hawaii Five-0, including "Shake Hands With the Man on the Moon" (Season 7) and "Small Potatoes" (Season 11), and in M Station: Hawaii (Note: She really looked sharp in "Small Potatoes").

The sums needed are far more than most individuals could hope to donate, but we can do our part by contacting those who can help. I sent a message to Matson, inviting them to help restore a part of their history. I hope they will. If you know any influential people in Honolulu or in the shipping industry, please let them know what is going on. In the meantime, the Friends are seeking an extension to the deadline in order to have more time to raise the needed funds.

Read more about this:

-- Friends of the Falls of Clyde.

-- Herald Scotland.

Benefitting World Peace and Music Education


A few weeks ago, in memory of Ben E. King, someone posted a link on Facebook to a video that showed an international group of musicians called Playing for Change singing the recently departed musician's "Stand By Me." It is wonderful!

I listened to other songs by the group, which uses music to promote international relations and raises funds to implement music programs in schools in third-world countries. Here are the links to several songs. I hope you will take the time to listen to them. They put a warm and fuzzy feeling in the listener's heart, especially when we realize that this consortium from so many nations would not have been possible even a year or two ago.

One Love.

Stand by Me.

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.

What a Wonderful World.

Groove in G.

Read more about Playing for Change and its mission: